Gunnatrashya x Jacs Electric Spark

Showhorse — Der­by Prospect for 2024!


a) NRHA Euro­pean Futu­ri­ty nominated

b) SSP NRHA of Ger­many paid In

d) IRHA Breed­ers Futu­ri­ty pain In

e) NRHA Bel­gium paid In

2017 AQHA Geld­ing, sired by NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- Con­gress Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- NRHA Open Der­by Cham­pi­on & mul­ti­ple Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- mul­ti­ple Der­by Cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er- and $11 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Gun­na­trashya (by Hall of Famer- NRHA’S ALL TIME LEADING SIRE- and $14 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Colonels Smok­ing Gun) x Pro­duc­ing Mare by NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Final­ist- NRBC Open Final­ist–  NRHA Open Der­by Final­ist- and $3 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Jacs Elec­tric Spark (by Hall of Famer- World­cham­pi­on- 60 World- or Res World­cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er-and $10,2 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Shin­ing Spark).


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