Sehr schöner 5‑Jähriger Wallach mit besten Referenzen!


Top Der­by Prospect — kann sofort im Sport einge­set­zt werden.

Showrecord Open L4


a) NRHA Euro­pean Futu­ri­ty nominated

b) IRHA Futu­ri­ty paid In

2018 AQHA Geld­ing, sired by ARHA mul­ti­ple Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- IRHA Der­by Ltd Open Cham­pi­on- ARHA Matu­ri­ty Res Cham­pi­on- mul­ti­ple Open Cham­pi­on- mul­ti­ple Int Open- and Lim­it­ed Open Cham­pi­on Tarys­mart, >  he is sired by ANCR Futu­ri­ty Non Pro Cham­pi­on- IRHA Matu­ri­ty Open Res Cham­pi­on- APCR Matu­ri­ty Open Cham­pi­on- 2005 FEI Euro­pean Cham­pi­onships Team Italy Gold Medal­ist & Indi­vid­ual Sil­ver Medal­ist- 2007 FEI Euro­pean Cham­pi­onships Rein­ing Cham­pi­on- Team Italy Sil­ver Medal­ist & Indi­vid­ual Gold Medal­ist OT Taris San Pep­py (by NRHA Ard­more Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- NRHA USA Open Futu­ri­ty 4th place- and mul­ti­ple Open & Non Pro Futu­ri­ty & mul­ti­ple Open- and Non Pro Der­by Cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er Taris Valen­tine) x Pro­duc­ing Mare by Super Slide Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- Equi­tana Rein­ing Cup Cham­pi­on- and mul­ti­ple Open Bronze Tro­phy Cham­pi­on ARC Sur­prisin­ly Smart (by Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- Super Stakes Open Cham­pi­on- AQHA Open World­cham­pi­on- NRHA Open World­cham­pi­on- Mul­ti­ple Bronze Tro­phy Cham­pi­on- multi­ple Open World­cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er Sur­prise Enter­prise (by Hall of Famer Be Aech Enterprise).

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