Smart Whiz Delmaso x Sir Jac Frost

2017 AQHA Mare| col­or: bay

This Mare is a Mon­ster Stop­per and a very good Cir­cler too!!

Cur­rent Lte.$8,600+

Watch out some Records:

2020 IRHA Pre-Futu­ri­ty 3yrs old:

Open Res Cham­pi­on L2 (Score 216,5)

2020 IRHA Futu­ri­ty 3yrs old:

  • 3rd place Open L2
  • 6th place Open L3

Please note:

Judges gave her +1 for each Stop!

This very beau­ti­ful 5yo Geld­ing will be shown in 2020 at major events until sold!

This very beau­ti­ful 5yo Geld­ing will be shown in 2020 at major events until sold!

This very beau­ti­ful 5yo Geld­ing will be shown in 2020 at major events until


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Top Der­by Prospect Open- oder Non Pro

  • Stops +1 (Lte.$8,600+)
  • Super Con­for­ma­tion
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  • This Mare is a Mon­ster Stop­per and a very good Cir­cler too!
  • Stops +1
  • Top Der­by Prospect for Open- or Non Pro Rider
  • Watch out her Showrecord (cur­rent Lte.$8,600+)

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TOP Der­by Prospect 

2017 AQHA Mare,  sired by NRHA /IRHA mul­ti­ple Open Der­by Cham­pi­on L2- NRHA /IRHA mul­ti­ple Open Der­by Res Cham­pi­on L2–  CRI*** Cham­pi­on- mul­ti­ple IRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Final­ist Smart Whiz Del­ma­so (by USEF Open Rein­ing Cham­pi­on- 2 time NRBC Int Open Clas­sic Cham­pi­on- Rein­ing By The Bay Int Open Cham­pi­on & Open Res Cham­pi­on- NRHA Der­by Int Non Pro Cham­pi­on- mul­ti­ple NRBC Open Final­ist Easy Otie Whiz x Top Pro­duc­ing Mare by Sir Jac Frost > NRHA OKL/USA Open Futu­ri­ty 4th- AICR Open Cham­pi­on- Amer­i­cana Inter­na­tion­al Cup Reserve Cham­pi­on (by Hall of Famer- 2 time Non-Pro World­cham­pi­on- 12 time Bronze Tro­phy Cham­pi­on- and $1,7 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Hol­ly­wood Jac 86).

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Smart Whiz Delmaso (by Easy Otie Whiz)

About Smart Whiz Delmaso:

  • (Lte.$33,000+)
  • NRHA Mon­ey-Earn­er
  • 2011 IRHA Futu­ri­ty 3yo Open Final­ist L1,2
  • 2012 IRHA Futu­ri­ty 4yo Non Pro Final­ist L1,2
  • 2012 IRHA Futu­ri­ty 4yo Open Finalist
  • 2013 IRHA Der­by Open Res Cham­pi­on L2,
  • TRHA Matu­ri­ty Lim­it­ed & Int Non Pro Champion
  • NRHA Euro­pean Der­by Open Cham­pi­on L2
  • IRHA Der­by Open Res Cham­pi­on L2
  • 2014 NRHA Euro­pean Der­by Open Cham­pi­on L2
  • IRHA Der­by Open Cham­pi­on L2-
    Res Cham­pi­on L3 (Score 219,5)
  • TRHA Matu­ri­ty Open Cham­pi­on (Score 146,5)
  • 2015 NRHA Euro­pean Der­by Open Res Cham­pi­on L2,
  • IRHA Der­by Open Res Cham­pi­on L2
  • CRI*** Cham­pi­on
  • 2016 IRHA Open Matu­ri­ty Final­ist L3,4
  • 2017 IRHA Matu­ri­ty Non Non Pro Final­ist L1
  • 2018 RHA Matu­ri­ty Non Pro 3rd, L1

2006 USEF Open Rein­ing Cham­pi­on
NRBC Int Open Clas­sic Cham­pi­on
2005 NRBC Int Open Clas­sic Cham­pi­on
2005 NRHA Der­by Int Open ‑3rd
2005 AQHA World Show-3rd Sr Rein­ing
2005 Rein­ing By The Bay Int Open Cham­pi­on
2005 Rein­ing By The Bay Open Res Cham­pi­on
2004 NRHA Der­by Int Non Pro Cham­pi­on
2004 NRHA Der­by PT Non Pro Cham­pi­on
2003 NRHA Open Der­by-4th place
Mul­ti­ple NRBC Open Final­ist
NRHA Futu­ri­ty-5th place
Won Sec­ond go of NRHA Futu­ri­ty
40 AQHA Rein­ing Points

NRHA Hall of Fame
NRHA $12Million Dol­lar Sire
Sire of Four Mil­lion Dol­lar Sires
Sire of-
The Great Whiz:
2003 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open Cham­pi­on
2004 NRBC Open Res. Cham­pi­on
2004 NRHA Der­by Open final­ist
2005 NRHA Der­by Open final­ist
2006 NRBC Open final­ist
Easy Otie Whiz:
(Lte.$243,441) above

Whizkey N Dia­monds:
2009 High Roller Rein­ing Clas­sic Futu­ri­ty Open Cham­pi­on
2009 All Amer­i­can Quar­ter Horse Con­gress Futu­ri­ty Open Res Cham­pi­on
2009 NRHA Futu­ri­ty L4 Open final­ist
2011 NRBC Open final­ist
2011 NRHA Der­by Open Res Cham­pi­on
2011 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Show $100,000-added World Cham­pi­on Shootout Res Cham­pi­on
2012 AQHA World Cham­pi­on Sr Rein­ing
Smok­ing Whiz:
2010 High Roller Rein­ing Clas­sic Futu­ri­ty L4, L3, L2 Open Cham­pi­on
2010 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2012 NRBC Open final­ist,
NRHA Der­by Open final­ist,
2013 NRBC L4 final­ist
2013 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Show $75,000-added World Cham­pi­on Shootout Res Co-Cham­pi­on
Wal­la Wal­la Whiz:
2006 All Amer­i­can Quar­ter Horse Con­gress Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2006 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2007 NRBC Open final­ist
2007 NRHA Der­by Open Cham­pi­on
2008 NRBC Open final­ist
and a lot more…..


1Dam: Top Producing Mare, sired by Sir Jac Frost

Cur­rent Pro­duc­ing Record of over $13,000

Please note:

2Dam is sired by the well known Snap­per Cal Bar (Lte.$260,000+)

    1989 NRHA Con­gress Open Futu­ri­ty 4th (OKL/USA)
    1989 NRHA Okla­homa Futu­ri­ty LO 4th (OKL/USA)
    1990 NRHA Lazy E Open Final­ist
    1990 Amer­i­cana Bronze Tro­phy Open 4th
    1991 AICR Open Cham­pi­on
    1992 Amer­i­cana Inter­na­tion­al Cup Reserve Cham­pi­on (squadra), Medaglia d´argento (indi­vid­uale)
    1992 Amer­i­cana Euro­pean Cham­pi­onship Senior Rein­ing 3rd place

    Hall of Fame

    2 time Non-Pro World­cham­pi­on
    12 time Bronze Tro­phy Cham­pi­on
    AQHA 80 Open Pts
    ROM Per­for­mance
    AQHA Supe­ri­or Rein­ing Horse

    Pro­duc­ing Record of over $1.7 Mil­lion Dollar

    Pro­duc­ing Record:
    Hall of Fame Off­spring, World Cham­pi­on Off­spring, Res World Cham­pi­on Off­spring, Top Ten World Show Off­spring, Supe­ri­or Per­for­mance Off­spring, ROM Per­for­mance Off­spring, NRHA Mon­ey-earn­ers, NCHA Mon­ey-earn­ers, Hal­ter Point Earn­ers, All-time Lead­ing Sire

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    This fan­cy 5yo Mare will be shown in 2022 at major events until sold!
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    Read more about the legendary Hollywood Jac 86:

    About Hol­ly­wood Jac 86:

    Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 was the first sire in rein­ing his­to­ry to exceed off­spring with NRHA earn­ings of $1Million, a feat he accom­plished in 1993 when purs­es were sig­nif­i­cant­ly less than they are today, as were the num­ber of avail­able high mon­ey rein­ings. In the same year, he was induct­ed into the NRHA Hall Of Fame. Six­ty per­cent of Hol­ly­wood Jac’s off­spring were per­form­ers, earn­ing over $1.7M in rein­ing earn­ings, and 1,668 AQHA points. Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 him­self earned NRHA earn­ings of $6,089, won two back to back NRHA Non-Pro World Cham­pi­onship titles in 1974 and 1975, and 12 NRHA bronzes. He also earned 80 AQHA open per­for­mance points, a per­for­mance ROM, and an AQHA Supe­ri­or in Rein­ing.
    Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 only sired a total of 251 AQHA reg­is­tered foals, a frac­tion­al num­ber com­pared to the aver­age off­spring of the top rein­ing stal­lions of today. Yet, as of 1/2004, Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 still ranks #4 in All Time Rein­ing Sire off­spring earn­ings, superced­ed only by three still liv­ing stal­lions. The #1 All Time Rein­ing Sire spot belongs to his son, Hol­ly­wood Dun It, who has sired over 1000 off­spring. The 2nd belongs to Smart Chic Ole­na, who has pro­duced over 1200 off­spring, and the 3rd to Top­sail Whiz, who has sired over 750 off­spring.
    Accord­ing to for­mer Jac Pac part­ner Sal­ly Brown, the flop eared stal­lion “didn’t have a tremen­dous pres­ence, and wasn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly attrac­tive. If you walked by him in pass­ing you prob­a­bly wouldn’t look twice at him.” How­ev­er, what he lacked aes­thet­i­cal­ly he made up for expo­nen­tial­ly in style, abil­i­ty, heart and pre­po­ten­cy. Accord­ing to pri­or own­er and NRHA Hall Of Fame inductee Richard Green­berg, he pos­sessed “an incred­i­ble com­bi­na­tion of pow­er and sen­si­tiv­i­ty”. And he had a slid­ing stop that absolute­ly rev­o­lu­tion­ized the style of rein­ing, a trait that unwa­ver­ing­ly has been passed down to his off­spring.
    Bred by John and Mary Bowl­ing of Sum­n­er, Iowa, Hol­ly­wood Jac was born in 1967 at the Bur­nett Tri­an­gle Ranch in Texas. Pur­port­ed­ly the “86” came from the Bur­nett Ranch­es’ num­ber­ing sys­tem which issued num­bers to iden­ti­fy a horse’s orig­i­nat­ing equine female fam­i­ly. Often described as palomi­no, Hol­ly­wood Jac com­plete with dor­sal stripe, was reg­is­tered with AQHA as a red dun. It is clear that he car­ried both the dun and crème genes pro­duc­ing 35% dun, red dun & grul­la, and 42% palomi­no & buck­skin. And since AQHA rule 227(i) was removed in late 2002 allow­ing cremel­lo and per­li­no quar­ter hors­es to be reg­is­tered with the AQHA, one per­li­no son of Hol­ly­wood Jac 86, Hol­ly­wood White has since been reg­is­tered. The per­li­no col­or can only occur when each par­ent car­ries the crème gene.
    Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 was sired by East­er King, an own son of King-P234, AQHA Hall Of Fame and AQHA and NRHA Hall of Fame pro­duc­er. East­er King was a 1951 sor­rel stal­lion who at the mere age of 18 months won the Jr Cut­ting Cham­pi­onship at the Fort Worth Stock Show, and then went on to accu­mu­late both open hal­ter and per­for­mance points and an open per­for­mance ROM in 1957. East­er King pro­duced per­form­ers earn­ing 2,631 AQHA points and $22,989 in NCHA earn­ings. Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 was his one NRHA mon­ey earn­er. East­er King was the also pro­duc­er of East­er Gen­tle­man, a 1970 gray stal­lion who still remains #40 on the All Time Lead­ing Rein­ing Sires list today.
    Hol­ly­wood Gold, the sire of Hol­ly­wood Jac’s dam was a 1940 dun stal­lion, known in cut­ting cir­cles at the time as the “King of Cut­ting”. He earned a place in the NCHA Hall Of Fame, and sired off­spring with 2,840 AQHA points and $285,199 in NCHA earn­ings. He was also the mater­nal grand­sire of off­spring earn­ing over $1.3M in NCHA earn­ings.
    The cross of East­er King on the Bowling’s ROM earn­ing Hol­ly­wood Gold daugh­ter Miss Hol­ly­wood pro­duced two per­form­ing full sib­lings to Hol­ly­wood Jac. King’s Berna­dine, a 1957 Palomi­no mare acquired 125 AQHA points and an open ROM in 1960, excelling in Open Trail. Full broth­er Mr Hol­ly­wood Red, a 1971 Sor­rel Geld­ing, had an extra­or­di­nary AQHA career, earn­ing a whop­ping 794 AQHA points and copi­ous world titles in a wide vari­ety of dis­ci­plines includ­ing West­ern Horse­man­ship, West­ern Plea­sure, Hunt Seat Equi­tation, Hunter Under Sad­dle, and Plea­sure Dri­ving.
    The Bowl­ings sold Hol­ly­wood Jac as a wean­ling to Pat Fitzger­ald of Wis­con­sin, who owned him only briefly and nev­er trans­ferred him into his name, before train­er Spain Prest­wich found him. Prest­wich picked Jac out of a group of 30–40 colts. Fitzger­ald was amused at his choice, stat­ing that he had picked the “ugli­est” colt in the bunch, but Spain was sold on Jac’s ath­let­ic abil­i­ty watch­ing him slide from one end of the pen to the oth­er. He had an amaz­ing stop all right. After Spain start­ed show­ing him, in one of Spain’s trips with Jac to the Min­neso­ta State Fair, they slid approx­i­mate­ly 50 feet, only being stopped by a face plant into the wall. And yes, they won that rein­ing!
    Richard Green­berg was in the mar­ket for a non-pro horse in 1972, and upon a sug­ges­tion from respect­ed train­er Clark Bradley, Green­berg sought out Spain to see if Jac was for sale. Although reluc­tant to sell him, Spain was in the process of pur­chas­ing a farm and was rais­ing funds for the pur­chase. He sold Hol­ly­wood Jac to Richie for $3000. Richie was in for a bit of a sur­prise when Dr. Ross Hugi who looked him over post-pur­chase, told Richie he was still a stal­lion. Jac had been so qui­et, it hadn’t occurred to Green­berg that he was still intact, a tes­ta­ment to the stallion’s excep­tion­al dis­po­si­tion, anoth­er pre­po­tent trait passed onto his off­spring.
    The com­bi­na­tion of Hol­ly­wood Jac & Green­berg made his­to­ry. Togeth­er they won the Non-Pro World Cham­pi­onship titles in 1974 and 1975. Then Green­berg went on to win Non-Pro World Cham­pi­onships in 1978, 1980 and 1983 on Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 own daugh­ters Bit O Hol­ly, Pearly Jac 86, and Ms Mag­gie Jac respec­tive­ly. Greenberg’s exten­sive NRHA show record is packed with the names of innu­mer­able Hol­ly­wood Jac off­spring. Richard Green­berg was induct­ed into the NRHA Hall Of Fame in 2000.
    The infa­mous Jac Pac between Green­berg and Sal­ly Brown was formed in 1984 upon sug­ges­tion from anoth­er NRHA Hall Of Fame Inductee and long time Hol­ly­wood Jac enthu­si­ast, Tim McQuay, own­er of the $3.5 mil­lion dol­lar pro­duc­ing Hol­ly­wood Jac son and NRHA Hall of Fame stal­lion, Hol­ly­wood Dun It. The Jac Pac was formed to pro­mote Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 as a sire, and remained intact until Hol­ly­wood Jac’s death. Brown agreed to go into part­ner­ship on Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 before ever see­ing the stal­lion. At the time she reflect­ed “are you real­ly being smart for buy­ing into a part­ner­ship for this much mon­ey with a horse that’s already 18 years old?” But Brown was so impressed watch­ing Jac’s off­spring in train­ing at McQuay’s and with Jac’s own per­for­mance record, that she new it was a great oppor­tu­ni­ty. She felt that if she got “3 good years” out of him that it was going to be a good invest­ment. For­tu­nate­ly Jac had more than 3 good years left.
    Dur­ing breed­ing sea­son, Jac’s home was Dr. Ross Hugi’s Indi­an Creek Vet­eri­nary Clin­ic in Illi­nois. His stall was a 12’ con­crete diam­e­ter cylin­der grain silo, com­plete with win­dow, that was used at the clin­ic when required as an iso­la­tion area. Jac loved to hang his head out the win­dow. When talk­ing about Jac as the “whole pack­age” – a per­former, a sire, and as an indi­vid­ual, Dr. Hugi said “he was the best horse I ever worked on, and was one of the best tem­pered stal­lions I ever dealt with. He didn’t have any bad habits, and stamped his get in so many ways you just shook your head.” They had tremen­dous longevi­ty, and were excep­tion­al­ly phys­i­cal­ly sound hors­es.
    Jac had very strong pref­er­ences when it came to romance. He didn’t like gray mares, wasn’t fond of the teas­ing process, and his dis­in­ter­est more than once told Dr. Hugi when a mare had just ovu­lat­ed. He had his “girl­friends”, and he had oth­ers that he had to be tricked into breed­ing. Brown still chuck­les when talk­ing about the “bait and switch” rou­tine they had to play to get him to breed mares that didn’t attract his atten­tion.
    Some stal­lions are known as stal­lion pro­duc­ers, and some are known as mare pro­duc­ers. Not often does a stal­lion come along that so con­sis­tent­ly and excep­tion­al­ly pro­duces both. Hol­ly­wood Jac son’s off­spring have earned over $6.9M in rein­ing earn­ings, his daughter’s have pro­duced over $1.38M. Not only hold­ing the #1 Pater­nal Grand­sire of Rein­ing Hors­es slot from 1993 through 2003, he ranked the #1 lead­ing rein­ing sire in 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992 and 1994, and held the #1 lead­ing Mater­nal Grand­sire of Rein­ing hors­es slot in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2002.
    For those who con­sid­er Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 a “rein­ing pro­duc­er only”, check out the cur­rent Reined Cow Horse sta­tis­tics. In 2003 Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 is ranked the #17 Pater­nal Grand­sire of Reined Cow Hors­es. And it’s not just one Hol­ly­wood Jac son that is pro­duc­ing win­ning cow hors­es – at least 7 sons sired 2003 Reined Cow Horse mon­ey earn­ers, includ­ing: Hol­ly­wood Dun It, Jac Daniels Neat, Bog­gies Flashy Jac, Mas­ter Boot Jac, Mr Melody Jac, Prime Time Chex and Hol­ly­wood Macho Jac. Dun It Big, son of Hol­ly­wood Dun It, earned the 2004 NRCHA Open Hack­amore World Cham­pi­onship title. And as of 1/2004, Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 daughter’s have pro­duced $113K in NRCHA mon­ey earn­ers.
    With sta­tis­ti­cal­ly one in ten of every top 200 All Time Rein­ing Sire’s list being an own son of Hol­ly­wood Jac 86, and hold­ing #1 Pater­nal Rein­ing Grand­sire spot for 11 con­sec­u­tive years, Hol­ly­wood Jac’s phe­nom­e­nal stal­lion pro­duc­ing pow­er is clear. What isn’t as obvi­ous is the cur­rent day impact of Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 mater­nal blood on some the con­tem­po­rary top rein­ing stallion’s sta­tis­tics.
    The cross of NRHA Hall Of Famer Top­sail Whiz, the 2003 #1 Rein­ing Sire with off­spring earn­ings exceed­ing $2.5M, on Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 daugh­ters has epit­o­mized the con­cept of a “Mag­ic Cross” in rein­ing. Top­sail Whiz, the prod­uct of 2003 #1 Rein­ing Horse Breed­er and Hall Of Fame Inductee Bob Loomis’ stel­lar breed­ing pro­gram, crossed on Sal­ly Brown’s Bees Hon­ey Jac pro­duced Whizard Jac, the 1996 Open NRHA Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on, and earn­er of $155K in NRHA earn­ings. Top­gun Whiz, a prod­uct of Top­sail Whiz crossed on Ms Tidy Jac was the 1998 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Lim­it­ed Open Cham­pi­on and the 1999 Open NRHA Der­by Cham­pi­on, with earn­ings of $145K. The cross on Blonde At The Bar pro­duced Who Whiz It, with $56K NRHA earn­ings. And crossed on Ms Mag­gie Jac pro­duced both Don Quin­tana and Jump­ing Jack Whiz, with com­bined earn­ings of over $63K. The total off­spring earn­ings of Top­sail Whiz crossed on Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 daugh­ters as of 1/2004 was $491K.
    Sal­ly Brown has also had great suc­cess cross­ing Shin­ing Spark, one of the hottest rein­ing sires of today on her Hol­ly­wood Jac daugh­ters. Sal­ly said she “thanks the stars that for some unknown rea­son she had been smart enough to hold back a Jac mare a year while in the Jac Pac, for her breed­ing pro­gram.” Crossed on Miss Hel­lo Hol­ly­wood, she pro­duced 1998 stal­lion Jacs Elec­tric Spark, 2001 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Final­ist, and final­ist in every major event entered, who has accu­mu­lat­ed over $78,900 in NRHA earn­ings. Shin­ing Spark crossed on anoth­er of Brown’s Hol­ly­wood Jac mares, Kelinds Lady Jac pro­duced Rise N Shine Jac, the 2001 NRHA inter­me­di­ate Open Futu­ri­ty Co-Reserve Cham­pi­on, and 5th in the NRHA Lim­it­ed Open Futu­ri­ty.
    Boomer­nic, cur­rent­ly ranked the #12 All Time Rein­ing Sire can account for $126K of his total of $647K off­spring earn­ings to Hol­ly­wood Jac daugh­ters. Boomer­nic crossed on Bog­gies Last Jac pro­duced Mr Boomer­jac, 1998 NRBC Cham­pi­on, and final­ist in the 1997 NRHA Futu­ri­ty, 1999 NRHA Der­by and 1999 NRBC.
    Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 daugh­ters crossed on #18 All Time Lead­ing Rein­ing Sire Lil Ruf Pep­py, have already pro­duced NRHA mon­ey earn­ers exceed­ing $74K. And of the $496K earned by #19 All Time Lead­ing Rein­ing Sire Bren­nas Kid off­spring, 192K or 38% were earned by off­spring out of Hol­ly­wood Jac daugh­ters.
    Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 passed away in 1991 at the age of 24 due to kid­ney fail­ure. Due to the life­long inti­ma­cy devel­oped between Jac and his breed­ing han­dler, he was buried on the prop­er­ty of Dr. Hugi. Hugi said “I just can’t say enough about the horse. I had tears in my eyes at the end. Spring­time has nev­er been the same since he passed.”
    Although gone for well over a decade, if you think — “old blood” when hear­ing the name of Hol­ly­wood Jac 86, think again. The blood of the com­mon look­ing stal­lion with the roy­al lega­cy, con­tin­ues to strong­ly pul­sate through the veins of today’s great rein­ing hors­es. Keep your eyes on those sta­tis­tics! The metronome ticks on, the pound­ing of hooves resound, and the leg­end of Hol­ly­wood Jac 86 gal­lops on.
    Quelle: AQHA Amer­i­can Quar­ter Hors­es, 4.Dezember 2016 on fb

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