In Like Flinn x Smart Like Juice

2023 AQHA Mare| col­or: sorrel


Top Futu­ri­ty Prospect 

  • SSP NRHA of Ger­many paid In
  • FNP NRHA of Ger­many nominiert
  • NRHA Euro­pean Futu­ri­ty nominated
  • IRHBA (Ital­ian Breed­ers Futu­ri­ty) paid In
  • NRHA Bel­gium Futu­ri­ty paid In

AQHA 5 Pan­el Test n/n

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  • Top Futu­ri­ty Prospect
  • Top Con­for­ma­tion
  • Eye­catch­er
  • AQHA 5 Pan­el Test n/n
  • SSP NRHA of Ger­many paid In
  • FNP NRHA of Ger­many nominiert
  • NRHA Euro Futu­ri­ty nominated
  • IRHA Futu­ri­ty (Ital­ian Breed­ers) paid In
  • NRHA Bel­gium paid In

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Watch out this beautiful filly!

  • Super Pedi­gree
  • FNP NRHA of Ger­many nominated
  • SSP NRHA of Ger­many paid In
  • NRHA Euro­pean Futu­ri­ty nominated
  • IRHBA (Ital­ian Breed­ers Futu­ri­ty) paid In
  • NRHA Bel­gium Futu­ri­ty paid In
  • Don’t hes­i­tate and ask for VIDEO
  • AQHA 5 Pan­el Test: all neg­a­tive n/n

Top Futu­ri­ty Prospect — Great Bloodlines

2023 AQHA Mare, sired by AQHA World­cham­pi­on Jr Rein­ing- AQHA World­cham­pi­on Sr Rein­ing- Her­itage Open Rein­ing Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on- NRBC Open Der­by Pre­lims Co-Cham­pi­on- and mul­ti­ple NRHA & NRBC Open Der­by Final­ist In Like Flinn (by Hall of Famer- and $12 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Top­sail Whiz)  x Pro­duc­ing Mare by South­west Rein­ing Futu­ri­ty 3yo Open Res Cham­pi­on- NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Final­ist- Car­oli­na Clas­sic Der­by 4 & 5yo Ltd Open Cham­pi­on & Open Co Res Cham­pi­on- North Cen­tral Extrav­a­gan­za 4 & 5yo Ltd Open Co Cham­pi­on- Supe­ri­or Rein­ing Horse- Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er- mul­ti­ple Open & Non Pro World­cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er-  and $4 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Smart Like Juice (by Hall of Famer- NCHA Triple Crown Cham­pi­on- 17 World­cham­pi­on- 11 Res World­cham­pi­on Pro­duc­er- and $42,3 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Smart Lit­tle Lena).

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SUPERHORSE bietet Ihnen stets die wichtig­sten Infor­ma­tio­nen an die es über diese Blut­lin­ien zu bericht­en gibt, den­noch übernehmen wir keine Garantie über die Voll­ständigkeit unser­er Angaben.


In Like Flinn (by Topsail Whiz)

2016 AQHA World­cham­pi­on Sr Rein­ing
2016 NRBC Der­by Open Pre­lims Co-Cham­pi­on
2016 NRHA Open Der­by Final­ist, 4th
2016 NRBC Open Der­by Final­ist, 3rd
2016 Supe­ri­or Rein­ing Horse
2015 AQHA World­cham­pi­on Jr Rein­ing
2015 NRHA Open Der­by Final­ist, Top 5
2014 NRBC Open Der­by Final­ist
2013 NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty, 4th
2013 Her­itage Open Rein­ing Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on
AQHA 62,5 points

NRHA Hall of Fame & AQHA Hall of Fame
NRHA $12Million Dol­lar Sire
Sire of Four Mil­lion Dol­lar Sires
Sire of-
The Great Whiz:
2003 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open Cham­pi­on
2004 NRBC Open Res. Cham­pi­on
2004 NRHA Der­by Open final­ist
2005 NRHA Der­by Open final­ist
2006 NRBC Open final­ist
Easy Otie Whiz:
2002 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2003 NRBC Open final­ist
2003 NRHA Der­by Open final­ist
2004 NRHA Der­by Non Pro final­ist
2004 NRHA Int Non Pro Cham­pi­on
2005 NRBC Open final­ist
2005 Inter­me­di­ate Open Cham­pi­on
2006 FEI World Eques­tri­an Games Team USA Gold Medal­ist
Whizkey N Dia­monds:
2009 High Roller Rein­ing Clas­sic Futu­ri­ty Open Cham­pi­on
2009 All Amer­i­can Quar­ter Horse Con­gress Futu­ri­ty Open Res Cham­pi­on
2009 NRHA Futu­ri­ty L4 Open final­ist
2011 NRBC Open final­ist
2011 NRHA Der­by Open Res Cham­pi­on
2011 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Show $100,000-added World Cham­pi­on Shootout Res Cham­pi­on
2012 AQHA World Cham­pi­on Sr Rein­ing
Smok­ing Whiz:
2010 High Roller Rein­ing Clas­sic Futu­ri­ty L4, L3, L2 Open Cham­pi­on
2010 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2012 NRBC Open final­ist,
NRHA Der­by Open final­ist,
2013 NRBC L4 final­ist
2013 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Show $75,000-added World Cham­pi­on Shootout Res Co-Cham­pi­on
Wal­la Wal­la Whiz:
2006 All Amer­i­can Quar­ter Horse Con­gress Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2006 NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open final­ist
2007 NRBC Open final­ist
2007 NRHA Der­by Open Cham­pi­on
2008 NRBC Open final­ist
and a lot more…..

NRHA Hall of Fame

1980 NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Champion

1981 AQHA World­cham­pi­on Jr Reining

Pro­duc­ing Record of over $1 Mil­lion Dollar

*1952 — 1989

AQHA Hall of Fame

NRHA Hall of Fame

Sire of:

NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Champions

AQHA World­cham­pi­ons

AQHA Supe­ri­or and ROM Award Earners

His off­spring earned mon­ey in the NRHA, Nation­al Reined Cow Horse Asso­ci­a­tion (NRCHA) and Nation­al Cut­ting Horse Asso­ci­a­tion (NCHA).

Leg­endary rein­ing train­er Bob Loomis, showed two Joe Cody foals to NRHA Futu­ri­ty Open cham­pi­onships – Cas­san­dra Cody in 1979 and Top­sail Cody in 1980.

NRHA Hall of Famer and Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire Top­sail Cody, went on to build his own out­stand­ing breed­ing rep­u­ta­tion. Top­sail Cody’s son,Hall of Famer Top­sail Whiz, upheld his sire and grandsire’s out­stand­ing breed­ing rep­u­ta­tions, sir­ing off­spring who have won more than $12 mil­lion in the rein­ing pen.


1Dam: Top Producing Mare by Smart Like Juice (by Smart Little Lena)

Dam of-

a) 2016 AQHA Stal­lion KB YELLOW JUICE (by Yel­low Jersey):

  • 2022 Memo­r­i­al Cup Lim­it­ed Open (Score 143,5)
  • 2022 Int Open Score (Score 143)
  • 2022 Spring Clas­sic, Paris, Int Open (Score 142,5)
  • 2021 DRHA Show Rein­ing Chal­lenge, Int Open Champion
  • 2021 Get Back in the Sad­dle, Paris, Int Open 4th
  • 2021 NRHA Euro­pean Futu­ri­ty Open, Finalist
  • 2020 ARHA Futu­ri­ty Open, Top 10
  • 2020 NRHA Bel­gium Futu­ri­ty Open 3yo, Top 10, L3 & Non Pro Top 5, L1,2

b) 2014 AQHA Geld­ing JUICYS FINEST GUN (by Gunwork):

  • 2018 NRHA France Non Pro Futu­ri­ty L2, 4th
  • 2018 ARHA Non Pro Futu­ri­ty, Finalist
  • 2018 Snaf­fle Bit/Hackamore Non Pro 5yo & U, Res Champion
  • 2017 NRHA Bel­gium Futu­ri­ty Open, Top 10


About 2Dam Kids Pine Doll (by NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on Bren­nas Kid):

  • NRHA Mon­ey-Earn­er 
  • 3rd in 3‑Year ‑Old Open Snaf­fle Bit Rein­ing at the Governor’s Classic

Dam of-

  • Mag­nums Dream Doll (by Mag­num Chic Dream): NRHA Earn­er of $3,565, AQHA point earner.
  • Cash This Doll (by Nu Chex To Cash): Ger­man Rein-O-Mania Open Rein­ing Futu­ri­ty, 3rd

Please note: Bren­nas Kid is a grand­son of NRHA & AQHA Hall of Famer- and Hall of Fame Sire, Joe Cody (*1952 — 1989) and out of a per­form­ing and pro­duc­ing daugh­ter of NRHA & AQHA Hall of Famer- and Hall of Fame Sire, Be Aech Enter­prise (*1975 — 2006).


About 3Dam Pines Nifty Doll (by Great Pine):

Dam of-

  • Im the Chic Mag­net (by Mag­num Chic Dream): Lte.$33,125, 50 AQHA Points, AQHA ROM; 4th, 2009 NRHA Inter­me­di­ate Open Top 10, 2009 NRHA Novice Horse Open L2 Top Ten; Inter­me­di­ate Open Cham­pi­on at the NRHA Futu­ri­ty; final­ist in the One Hot Rein­ing Der­by; mul­ti­ple NRHA Class Winner;
  • Chics Nifty Pine (by Smart Chic OLe­na): Lte.$6,044, mon­ey-earn­er in the South­west RHA Open & Lim­it­ed Open Futurities;
  • In The Nic Of Pine (by Rem­i­nic): AQHA ROM, mul­ti­ple NRHA Class Winner

*1994 — 2022


NRHA $4,403,477 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire!

  • 1997 South­west Rein­ing Futu­ri­ty 3yo Open Res Champion
  • 1997 NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Final­ist, Top 10
  • 1998 Car­oli­na Clas­sic Der­by 4 & 5yo Ltd Open Cham­pi­on & Open Co Res Champion
  • 1998 North Cen­tral Extrav­a­gan­za 4 & 5yo Ltd Open Co Champion
  • 103 AQHA Points
  • Supe­ri­or Rein­ing Horse

Pro­duc­ing Record:

NRHA Futu­ri­ty Cham­pi­on Off­spring, mul­ti­ple World­cham­pi­on Off­spring, Supe­ri­or Per­for­mance Off­spring, ROM Per­for­mance Off­spring, NRHA Mon­ey-earn­ers, NRCHA Mon­ey-earn­ers, World Show Qual­i­fiers, Hal­ter Point Earners…

Some of his major Offspring:

  • Juiced Up Doc: (Lte.$201,070)
  • Like Shin­er: (Lte.$189,399)
  • Moon­shine Juice: (Lte.$131,366)


    • Hall of Fame
    • NCHA Triple Crown Champion
    • NCHA Der­by Champion
    • NCHA Super Stakes Champion
    • NCHA Futu­ri­ty Champion
    • $42.3 Mil­lion Dol­lar Sire
    • 2nd All-Time Lead­ing Sire
    • Equi-Stat Lead­ing Cut­ting Sire
    • NCHA-AQHA Lead­ing Cut­ting Sire
    • Pro­duc­er of-
    • 17 World Cham­pi­ons
      11 Reserve World Champions
    • The Leg­endary Hall of Famer Smart Lit­tle Lena was the first NCHA Triple Crown Win­ner, 2001 Equi-Stat #3 Cut­ting Mater­nal Grand­sire, Equi-Stat #6 All-Time Cut­ting Mater­nal Grand­sire and a Lead­ing Reined Cow-Horse and Rein­ing Mater­nal Grand­sire, 2006 Equi-Stat #1 Lead­ing Cut­ting Mater­nal Grand­sire, a Top Ten Rein­ing & Reined Cow-Horse Mater­nal Grand­sire whose daugh­ters have pro­duced the earn­ers of near­ly $29,000,000.

    • Face­book

    About 1994 AQHA Breeding Stallion Smart Like Juice:

    Breed­ing Stal­lion Smart Like Juice passed away in 2022.

    NRHA $4,403,477 Million Dollar Sire!

    The stallion also has proven successful as a broodmare sire. Smart Like Juice daughters have foaled the winners of more than $1,316,383!!

    His leading earners as a maternal grandsire are:

    • Phan­tom Face: (Lte.$144,894) 
    • Smoke In Whizkey: (Lte.$74,278)
    • Got That Iowa Shine: (Lte.$65,846)

    About 1986 AQHA Breeding Stallion Brennas Kid:


    NRHA 9th Lead­ing Sire of Rein­ing Hors­es (1995–1999)

    1989 Joe Cody Clas­sic Snaf­fle Bit Cham­pi­onship Winner

    1989 NRHA Open Futu­ri­ty Champion

    1991 Con­gress Open Rein­ing Champion

    1991 Win­ner of Open Team Cham­pi­onship as a mem­ber of the IRC Nations Cup

    Super­horse aktu­al­isiert und ergänzt regelmäßig die Infor­ma­tio­nen der Besitzer zu den ange­bote­nen Pfer­den. Diese wur­den sorgfältig recher­chiert und gewis­senhaft zusam­menge­fasst. Trotz­dem kön­nen sich die Dat­en zwis­chen­zeitlich verän­dert haben. Deshalb kann eine Haf­tung oder Garantie für die Aktu­al­ität, Richtigkeit und Voll­ständigkeit der zur Ver­fü­gung gestell­ten Infor­ma­tio­nen — ins­beson­dere fremder Infor­ma­tio­nen — nicht über­nom­men wer­den. Poten­tielle Käufer soll­ten die Richtigkeit der hier präsen­tierten Infor­ma­tio­nen über­prüfen, ins­beson­dere wenn sie als Grund­lage für Geschäfte dienen. Siehe auch AGB Fir­ma Super­horse / Impressum.

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